Yoghurt Vegan Probiotic (SYAB1) – 1,000 Litres


A yoghurt culture that produces yoghurts with a medium to strong yoghurt with a thick and smooth texture. It works well as both a set and stirred yoghurt, Greek style yoghurts, medium body drinking yoghurt, strained yoghurt (Labnah).

Incubation temperature between 37°C – 43°C, add starter culture and incubate overnight until desired acidity is reached before cooling. Stir the yoghurt very gently in the container for a few seconds to break the curd and even the texture.
This culture has been specifically grown on a non-dairy & non-soy based growth medium, to be 100% Dairy & Soy Free. Works well with most cow’s milk, coconut milk and soy milk.

Contains specifically selected strains of:

  • Streptococcus thermophilus
  • Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus

and specifically selected probiotic strains of

  • Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. Lactis
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus

Direct addition of ¼ teaspoon (1 x ‘tad’ on minispoons) to 8 – 10 litres milk or 1 x flat ‘drop’ on minispoons to 1 litre.
Free from gluten, peanut, sesame, eggs, celery, mustard, fish, or shellfish, sulphites, lupine, soy, and is GMO Free.

Weight 0.015 kg
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