White Mould Spores 6 (HP6) – Large


Technical name

HP6 (White mould is the generic name given to Penicillium Candidum)


  • HP6 is vegan culture.
  • HP6 gives medium height and density, a rapid growth. HP 6 HYP provides a quite strong proteolysis which allows a development even in ‘difficult’ substrates and an intermediate lipolysis. Difficult substrates would be milk with a lot of added cream eg Brie or triple cream, or pastes made from almond and cashews
  • HP 6 allows an enhancement of cheese appearance, a production of enzymes and the elimination of It gives a whiteness appearance and stability beneath the wrapper, speed of mould growth, ageing stability, and aroma development.
  • HP6 should ideally be used inconjunction withGeotrichum Candidum.

Maltodextrose is not added to this culture. Maltodextrose isan artificially produced white powder that is added by distributors to bulk up cultures without the authorisation by the manufacturer of the culture.

Application and dosage

The large pack of HP6 is a commercial size for addition to 2,000 litres of milk

The small pack of HP6 is 1/6thof a large and is enough to add to 300 litres of milk.

Add ¼ of a ‘drop’ mini-spoon or a tip of a skewer to 4 litres of milk.

Add HP6 just before or just after lactic cultures are added. HP6 can also sprayed onto the surface of the cheese after dry salting or added to the brine if using brine salting.


The large (2,000 litre 10D pack) is a foil pouch. The small (300 litres) comes in a resealable plastic bottle.


Storage and shipping

In freezer (-18°C).  If fresh this product can be shipped at ambient temperature for two weeks.

Weight 0.02 kg
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