White Mould Spores 2 (PC ABL) – Small


Technical name and contents

PC ABL (White mould is the generic name given to Penicillium Candidum)




PC ABL is a popular strain of P. Candidum. It produces traditional styles of Brie and Camembert cheese with thin rinds (thick rinds tend to have harder and leathery surface). The thin rind also makes it suitable for use on traditional lactic set goat and cow, ashed or non ashed cheese where a thin rind is required. The thin rind is opposite of some white mold cheese that can develop a thick, tough cardboard like rind.

It is fast growing with medium whiteness; the felt is short with low-to-medium density. Low proteolysis will make less bitter cheese but also enables slow breakdown of the paste. Medium lipolysis releases subtle flavor compounds from fat breakdown.

For optimum white mould growth, white mould spores should be used in conjunction with Geotrichum Candidum.


Add ¼ of a ‘Drop’ mini-spoon to 4 litres of milk (basically a tip on the end of a skewer, 1 Drop Spoon = 1/64 teaspoon) at the same time the lactic starter cultures are added. This white mould mixture can also sprayed onto the surface of the cheese after salting or added to the brine. Note if adding to a spray bottle add 1% salt and allow 1 hour for rehydration. 


Freeze-dried in a screw capped bottle.


In freezer (-18°C)

Weight 0.015 kg
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