Washed Rind 2 (LB Brevibacterium Linens) – Small


Technical name

Contains Brevibacterium linens (member of the Corynebacteria family)




This B. Linens imparts an orange pigmentation to the rind of the cheese and it has a major influence on developing the distinctive sulphur and complex earthy aromas and tastes of smear-ripened (washed rind) cheese. It plays an important role in the maturation and flavour production of all washed rinds (soft, pressed, cooked), examples such as, Swiss Styles such as Raclette, Port Salut, St. Paulin, Bel Paese, Munster, Limburger, Brick and Monterey.
Most cheese are quite acidic when first made but for any B. Linens to grow it likes a low acid or neutralized environment. Nature will gradually deacidify each cheese but by adding Geotrichum candidum or one of the Yeasts will help the B. Linens work better and faster.

Suitable for vegan cheese (Dairy Free).


Add B. Linens directly to the milk at rate of approximately 1/8th ‘drop’ spoon to 5 litres milk but also wash directly onto the rind using a “morge” wash with 1/16 drop spoon of B. linens + 3% salt. Washing should not begin until cheese is 3 or 4 days of age.


Freeze dried in a resealable bottle


in Freezer (-18°C)

Weight 0.015 kg
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