Rennet (vegetarian) – 50mL


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This vegetarian rennet can be used for all cheese types. Rennet should be used at between 1 mL to 2 mL to 10 litres of milk depending on cheese type and the desired set time. Ideally a minimal dosage is used to achieve a set in the desired amount of time. Excessive rennet addition or a little bit of extra rennet for good measure should not be practiced. Rennet is added by drizzling it over the surface of the milk while stirring and then should be stirred in well without aeration for 1 minute and the milk should then be left to rest completely until it is time to cut the curd.

200 IMCU is the strength of the rennet. Best Before is 12 months from date of manufacture and any left overs should be discarded after the best before date is exceeded. Store at 4°C – 7°C. Do not freeze. Keep out of direct sunlight. Comes in a resealable plastic bottle. This rennet contains 18% salt as a preservative but this salt content will not affect the cheese milk or the starters. IMCU is ‘International Milk Clotting Units’ and is the measure of the strength of the rennet.

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