Thermophile (TPM2) – 1,000 litres



TPM 2 is a fast acidifier initially but the subsequent production of acidity is very slow or even stops once a pH (measure of acidity) of around 5.0 is reached. This stops or limits accidental over acidification of cheese. It can be used as a sole starter culture for the manufacture of white mould cheese, but it is best used in conjunction with the mesophilic culture M 235. A ratio of half and half M 235 to TPM 2 (50:50 M 235 and TPM 2). M 235 provides high levels of acidity but the TPM 2 will temper this development to minimise over acidification of the curd and the defects that may occur with over acidification.

Acidification occurs between 35°C – 45°C but will produce acid several °C outside of this temperature range. Acid production still occurs but it is slow at 32°C.

TPM 2 can be used on the following cheese:

  • White mould types eg Camembert, Brie, Triple Cream (as part of starter mix)
  • Blue vein (as part of starter mix)

Streptococcus thermophilus (Thermophile) (Note: This is a different strain of Streptococcus thermophilus to TPF 1)

Freeze-dried in foil pouch. 1 x sterile 70ml bottle may be required to transfer unused contents.

In freezer (-18°C)

Weight 0.015 kg
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