A great piece of equipment for the serious cheesemaker. A cheese trier is used to sample your cheese  to find out its characteristics such as flavour, acidity. texture, body, without cutting the cheese open. When a trier is inserted into the cheese, it is turned once, then removed and a sample core is now sitting on the trier. Just ‘test’ a piece about 2 or 3 cm long and the remaining piece is then returned to the cheese so the ageing process can continue. The trier needs to be sanitised well before use, hot water is fine, and allow it to fully cool. The opening around the plug also needs to be sealed by smearing the surface where the sample of the cheese was taken. The aim is to prevent mould from entering the cheese body.

It is a great correction tool for the cheesemaker, so you can ‘test’ your cheese early in its maturation and make decisions about the maturation of that same cheese and also decisions about future batches.

To clean up wash the trier in warm soapy water and thoroughly dry

A leather pouch is not included with this product but it is recommended to keep your trier free from scratches and dents


  • 13cm blade
  • 5cm stem between blade and handle
  • 7.5 cm genuine buffalo horn handle
  • All components (except handle) are stainless steel
Weight 0.115 kg
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