Shipping FAQs

Cheesemaking provides cheese and yoghurt makers with premium equipment and ingredients so that they can make great cheeses and yoghurts at home. The questions below may help you understand what is involved in having your order shipped to you.

Should I choose Express Shipping or Parcel Post or Pickup?

This is up to you and depends on your location, your order, your budget and your timeframe. You have three options to choose from:

  1. A pickup option is available for pickup from Stafford Qld 4053.
  2. Australia Post Parcel Post will usually take 2 + business days.
  3. If you are purchasing perishable items, it is very strongly recommended that you choose Australia Post Express Post: next business delivery (however Australia Post conditions do apply). It is only slightly more expensive than the parcel post option and is recommended if there are perishable items in your order.

NB: If your order (excluding postage) is greater than $100, Cheesemaking will ship your perishables via the Australia Post Express Post option even you if you choose Parcel Post.

Email and mobile phone tracking is provided so you can track your package.

When will my order be sent?

We will send out your order on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We do not post perishable items later in the week to prevent them from being held up in transit, leaving your perishables sitting in a post office over the weekend. You will receive a notification (usually a text) from Australia Post and Cheesemaking will also email when your order has been posted. Both the text and the email will include a tracking number for you to monitor the progress of your order.

If you are purchasing perishable items, and you live in a rural location, it is advisable that you specify in the note section of the order ‘Post on Monday only’.

Ideally provide a mobile number instead of a landline number to assist you with tracking.

Will my starters/ripening cultures/rennet still be ok in the post?

This is a major concern for many people. Yes, they will. Perishable items are all cheese and yoghurt cultures, all flavour and ripening cultures, and the ingredients lipase, rennet and annatto. All these items should be stored in the fridge or the freezer. Each perishable item is marked if it is to be stored in the fridge or the freezer. Your frozen cultures are packed 24 hours prior to shipping, into a foil satchel with a reusable gel ice pack. That satchel is stored in the freezer with your name on it. The next day the refrigerated items are added to the foil pack and any hardware is added and your order is taken to the post office. This process helps keep the perishable items in the order colder during transit.

What happens if the gel ice pack has defrosted when I receive it?

The ice gel pack will keep your cultures cool during the first 24 hours of the journey. If the ice in the gel pack has melted on arrival, it will not affect the quality of your cultures. The perishable items are very resilient and will not suffer if left at room temperature for several days, even longer. They will work just as well as they would be if they stayed in the freezer the whole time. However, I do get concerned about cultures being left out of the freezer unnecessarily. Please try to place any perishable items into the fridge or the freezer (each product is marked accordingly) as soon as you can after receiving them.

Will Australia Post require a signature to receive the package?

Usually not. Their policy is to leave the package in a safe place if there is one. The post delivery person may leave a note and take the package back to the post office for you to collect later.

If you have purchased perishable items, we strongly recommend that you provide an address that is attended during delivery hours, where someone will be available to receive and refrigerate the items that you have purchase. Ideally do not leave perishable items in a hot letter box or in the sun while you are not home.

What address do I supply?

You should provide as much detail on your order to ensure your order is delivered on time and to the right location. Your name, mobile phone number and full address are a good starting point. Then add a company, unit complex number and name, floor level if relevant. If you live in a multiple dwelling, this may create confusion with deliveries and cause some orders to go astray or to be left in a place that is not usually used. If you are in a multiple dwelling, is there another option that you can use!. Finally provide a ‘special note for delivery’ detail on the checkout page of your order, that gives the post person clear direction of where to leave your package