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Types of Cheese Propioni can be used on

All large eye cheeses such as Baby Swiss, Large Swiss styles, Emmental, Gruyère, Jarlsberg, Comte, Leerdammer, Maasdam.

Dosage and pack size

·         Large Size (50 D) will inoculate up to 25,000   litres of milk (clip on lid bottle).

·         Medium Size (10 D) will inoculate up to 5,000 litres of milk (foil sachet).

·         Small size (2.5 D) will inoculate up to 1250 litres of milk (screw cap bottle).

·         Add ½ drop spoon to 8 litres of milk or the volume that your recipe prescribes.


·         Contains the strain Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. Shermanii.

·         It produces medium to large eyes in Swiss style cheese.

·         It drives fermentation of lactate into propionate, acetate and CO2, resulting in holes.

·         It also plays a role in developing nutty and sweet flavours flavors

·         Has resistance to high cooking temperatures, low post-acidification, and some resistance to salt.

·         The carbon dioxide by-product is responsible for forming the holes or ‘eyes’ in the cheese.

·         The use of Lactobacillus helveticus is recommended for hard cooked cheeses.

·         The ‘Italian and Swiss’ culture is recommended for use with hard and longer aged cheeses that require the use of Propionibacterium.

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