Propionibacterium – small


  • Contains the strain Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii
  • It produces medium to large eyes in Swiss style cheese
  • Small size is enough to make 500 litres of milk into cheese
  • Store at -18c (or freezer)
  • Prepackaged in easy ready to use screw cap container, for your convenience
  • For use in any cheese where medium to large eyes development is required:
    – Emmenthal, Gruyére, Jarlsberg, Comte, Leerdam, Maasdam
  • Has good compatibility between optimal production of propionic acid and CO2
  • Has resistance to high cooking temperatures, low post-acidification, and some resistance to salt
  • Contributes to the nutty and sweet flavours in the cheese
  • The carbon dioxide by-product is responsible for forming the holes or ‘eyes’ in the cheese
  • The use of Lactobacillus helveticus (found in the ‘Swiss & Italian’ starter culture) is required if using Propionibacterium
Weight 0.015 kg


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