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This is the most comprehensive of the premium cheese making kits. It contains all of the equipment from the Premium Cheesemaking Kits I & II plus more items again.

There are three options for this kit:

  1. The Premium III kit
  2. The Premium III kit + eight litre polycarbonate cheese vat
  3. The Premium III kit + eight litre polycarbonate cheese vat + 24 litre jacket

The premium kits allow you to make a greater variety of cheese than the cheesemaking kits aimed at specific styles of cheese.

The premium kits will allow you to make fresh to soft then to aged cheese.

The kits comes with the following recipes and ripening instructions:

Camembert/Brie/Triple cream recipe, variations of a white mould cheese recipe that includes ashed brie, truffle brie and blue brie, Blue vein recipe with blue variations depending on whether you want to make a softer mild blue vein or a harder stronger flavour blue vein.

A Persian Feta, that can also be made with ash and herbs, Marinated Persian Feta, Quark and Labneh, Goat curd

Blue vein recipe and ingredients are included.

Yoghurt culture and recipe.

Pressed cheese recipes: Farmhouse Cheddar, Traditional Cheddar, Parmesan but the cheese press is not included.

Halloumi hoop and recipe.

The kit contains the following items:

  • PP79
  • Probiotic yoghurt culture
  • Lipase 20g
  • Blue Mould Spores
  • Italian and Swiss
  • MA221
  • Calcium Chloride Liquid – 200 ml
  • Rennet Vegetarian 50 mL
  • 115 or 130 mm Camembert or Blue Vein hoop
  • 115mm or 130mm pressed cheese hoop
  • Draining Rack – Metal Mesh x 1
  • 200ml iodine
  • Measuring jug – 1 litre
  • Penicillium Roqueforti Blue Mould Spores
  • LH1
  • MTR
  • CU77 ripening culture
  • SX 34 ripening culture
  • 90 or 100mm Pressed Chese Hoop x 1
  • Small pyramid x 2
  • Ash
  • Measuring jug – 250 ml
  • M235
  • TPM2
  • TPC1
  • Geotrichum Candidum
  • Penicillium Candidum White Mould Spores
  • Thermometer Bracket
  • 90 or 100mm Camembert Brie Hoop x 2
  • Crottin hoops x 2
  • Baskets x 2
  • Draining Rack – Metal Mesh x 2
  • Cheese Cloth Reusable – Blue x 1 meter
  • Curd Scoop – 240 ml Perforated Stainless Steel
  • Curd Scoop for making Persian Feta & Lactic curd
  • Curd Stirrer – Stainless Steel
  • Pipette (set of 2)
  • Syringe 1mL (pack of 4)
  • Mini Measuring Spoons – set of 5 spoons
  • Black Digital Thermometer
  • Quark, Curd & Labnah Draining Bag + Hanging Hook
  • Draining Tray
  • Halloumi Hoop

The image may or may not represent exact items contained in this cheesemaking kit due to periodic changes and upgrades to each kit but the list below is accurate.

If there are additional items that you require these can be purchased before ‘checking out’

Weight 8 kg

kit without vat, kit with 8L vat, kit with 8L+24L vat


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