Mini Camembert Hoop


110mm diameter x 60mm tall

Camembert are surface ripened cheese, meaning they ripen from the outside in.  If your traditional size camembert finishes up at 4cm tall, it will probably take around 4 to 6 weeks to ripen.

The mini camembert hoop produces a final cheese that is less than 1cm tall (probably around 7 or 8mm), so the cheese will ripen faster.  Probably in about 2 weeks depending on the manufacturing variables that you use.


10.8mm inner dia, 5.8mm tall, with base

This hoop will make a camembert or brie that is thinner than the standard camembert and bries.  Likely final thickness of the cheese using this hoop is around 1cm tall.  Camembert and brie are surface ripened cheese, they ripen outside to inside. So your cheese will ripen in more half the usual time.

Weight 0.040 kg
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