Melbourne Intensive Cheesemaking 1 – January 18/19 (7 places remaining)


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Location: Presentation College, 187 Dandenong Road Windsor Vic 3181
Time: Saturday 7.45 (for 8am) to 4pm | Sunday 7.45 (for 8am) to 2.00pm

Cheesemaking 1 is a course that will teach you to make many different styles of cheese:  You will make a soft fresh delicate Fresh soft feta, a Quark and a marinated Persian Feta, a simple whole milk ricotta then creamy white mould Brie and then Semi hard Cheddar, a Traditional Greek Feta and finally a high moisture Mozzarella.  You will make every one of these cheeses by yourself and take each of them home with you.

As the name suggests it is an intensive cheesemaking course. You will spend 14 hours over two days making cheese. Nearly all of that time is spent making cheese – it’s the best way to learn.  To help you understand the cheesemaking process and the theory behind it, Graham will email you some introductory reading to set the scene for the course and when you arrive at the course you will receive a comprehensive book of cheese recipes, tips and information.  Then within 30 minutes of arriving you will start making your own cheese! For the next two days you will be immersed in making your own cheese. During this time Graham will take you through each cheese step by step so you not only know what you are doing but why you are doing it. The why is such a key part of cheesemaking and that is what Graham does well.  You  will now know how to turn your Brie into a triple Cream or a Camembert, You will know how to use goat milk instead of cow milk, how to make a large batch or a small batch of cheese and so on

Day 2 of the course is the most important day of the course.  You build on the cheesemaking basics from day one and add new and more detailed cheesemaking steps that are applied to a new batch of cheeses.  On day two the affinage or ripening process begins and some key parts to process are explained.

The final part of day 2 is a session where we discuss how you can progress from the course to allow you start making cheese in your own home.  It’s a big step but it’s not hard once you get to this stage of the course you can do this simply and cost effectively. By the end of the course you will have lots of enthusiasm, skills, knowledge and recipes ready to make lots of cheeses by yourself in your own home.

Then to finish the course, on the afternoon of day 2 we all celebrate with some fine wines and great tasting cheeses. It is then that you receive your cherished ‘Master Cheesemaker Certificate’, before leaving with an esky full to the brim with all of the cheeses that you have just made.

Course numbers are limited to 12 persons per course

If you have any questions I welcome you sending me an email or give me a call. I look forward to making cheese with you soon.

The cheeses that you will produce and go home with are:

  • Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Italian style fresh mozzarella
  • Creamy Brie
  • Quark
  • Traditional Greek Feta
  • Whole milk ricotta
  • Persian feta for marinating in your favourite oil and herbs
  • Gourmet feta to eat fresh (optional ashed)

The Intensive Cheesemaking Courses 1 and 2 and independent of each other.  There are no pre requisites for either course. Intensive Cheesemaking 1 is 100% about cheesemaking while Cheesemaking 2 covers non cheese products such as yoghurt, butter and mascarpone.  There is minimal overlap between the two courses as each course makes different styles of cheese


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