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  • This is a great kit if you have never made cheese previously and you want to learn the basics of cheesemaking. The recipes, techniques and instructions used to make the cheeses from this kit are provided via email and are very easy to follow.
  • All the cheeses from this kit can be made using cow’s milk, goat’s milk or mixed cow and goat milk.
  • With some experience, the equipment in this kit will allow you to make more than 100 cheeses, it will not become obsolete as you progress.
  • The starters in this kit are enough to make a few hundred Litres of milk into cheese
  • The key element of the Simple Cheese kits is that you can make three varieties of a basic cheese, and as you do, you will become aware of the different stages of cheesemaking. You will transform milk into curds and whey, then into cheese. The different technologies you learn from this process provide the basic knowledge and skills that you will need should you decide to progress to making different styles of cheese.
  • There are also many options for variation with your everyday cheese. Some simple tweaks to the recipe will yield a sharper flavour and crumbly texture or creamier flavour and softer texture. You can choose to eat it within a few days or within a few weeks. If you wish to wait even longer you can vacuum seal and age your cheese in the fridge, which will also allow greater flavour development.

There are also three cheese vat* options for this kit
Please select your preference from the drop down menu

  1. The Simple Cheese Kit with no vats (you will need to supply a cheese vat or a pot to make the cheese)
  2. The Simple Cheese Kit + 8L polycarbonate cheese vat/lid
  3. The Simple Cheese Kit + 8L polycarbonate cheese vat/lid + 24L jacket

*A cheese vat is the container that holds the warm milk while it becomes curds and whey. The jacket is another container that holds warm water, that the cheese vat sits in, like a bain marie/double boiler. More information and instructions can be read here

The Make a Simple Cheese Kit contains the following items

  • M265 culture
  • M235 culture
  • TPC culture
  • Calcium Chloride Liquid – 50ml
  • Rennet Vegetarian 20mL
  • Lipase small
  • Crottin hoops x 2
  • Baskets x 2
  • Curd Scoop 240ml Stainless Steel
  • Curd Stirrer – Stainless Steel
  • Syringe 1mL x 4
  • Sanitiser – Iodine Food Grade 50mL
  • Mini Measuring Spoons – set of 5 spoons
  • Black Digital Thermometer
  • Draining Tray

Note the image may or may not represent exact items contained in this cheesemaking kit due to periodic changes and kit upgrades.

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kit without vat, kit with 8L vat, kit with 8L+24L vat


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