Mesophile (M265) – 330 litres



Mesophile M 265

Types of cheese

M265 can be used for Cheddar, Goat Cheese, Feta, White cheese, Continental cheese


Dosage will vary depending on the cheese type, recipe and rate of acidification required.  As a mid-level dosage add ¼ teaspoon or 1 x  flat ‘tad’ on minispoons to 10 litres milk

Packaging, storage and use

Freeze-dried in a resealable screw cap bottle or packet.  Store this culture in the freezer when not being used.  The product can be stored for several days out of the freezer with nil deterioration of the product.  Leave the product at ambient temperature for 20 minutes before use.


M265 is a mesophile starter culture. It contains a mix of Lactococcus Lactis subs. lactis + Lactococcus lactis subs. Cremoris. M265 is primarily an acidifying culture, the main function is to rapidly produce lactic acid and to releases enzymes for flavour and texture development as the cheese matures.  Optimum growth temperature is between 25°C – 35°C but it will still grow at several °C outside of this temperature range.

For equivalent starter cultures see more details at the Cheese and Yoghurt cultures cross reference chart

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