Aromatic Mesophile (M235) – 330 litres



Mix of different strains of Mesophilic cultures. It is an ‘all-rounder’ or multi-purpose starter culture produces a fast level of acidification, so it can be used on numerous cheese types. It is the most popular of all the starter cultures.

M 235 produces medium to high carbon dioxide gas production, medium to high levels diacetyl (buttery flavour) production. M 235 is similar to M 272 but M 235 is a stronger flavour and gas producer. Its primary functions are three-fold, to produce lactic acid to acidify the milk, releases quite a lot of flavour and to produce eyes or small holes in the cheese. It also produces enzymes for flavour and texture development during maturation.

M 235 also contains the Leuconostoc mensenteroides subs cremoris starter which is an important flavour producer because it has a unique ability to ferment the citrates in milk to produce diacetyl and aroma compounds and carbon dioxide.

Rapid acidification occurs between 20°C – 38°C but will produce acid several °C outside of this temperature range

The types of cheeses M 235 can be used on include:

  • All white mould types eg Camembert, Brie, Triple Cream
  • All soft cheeses
  • Fermented cream and Crème Fraiche
  • Cultured butter and buttermilk
  • Soft washed rind such as Reblochon, Pont L’Eveque
  • Lactic cow and lactic goat
  • Quark (gas production is lost in mixing)
  • Gouda, Edam
  • Blue vein
  • Tilsit, Havarti

Lactococcus Lactis subs. lactis + Lactococcus lactis subs. cremoris + Lactococcus lactis subs. lactis biovar diacetylactis + Leuconostoc mensenteroides subs cremoris (all mesophiles)

Freeze-dried in resealable screw cap bottle

Dosage will vary depending on the cheese type, recipe and rate of acidification required. As a general dosage add ¼ teaspoon or 1 x ‘tad’ on minispoons to 8 – 10 litres milk.

In freezer (-18°C)

Weight 0.01 kg
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