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There are three options for this kit

  1. The Simple Cheese Kit
  2. The simple cheese kit + eight litre polycarbonate cheese vat
  3. The simple cheese kit + eight litre polycarbonate cheese vat + 24 litre jacket

This is a great kit if you have never made cheese previously and you want to learn the basics of cheesemaking, in a very simple, straight forward process, before going on to make different styles of cheese.

The kit contains very detailed instructions to guide you through each of the basic steps that are used to make three different styles of cheese + several variations on each of those styles as well.

The Simple Cheese does not require you to second guess your techniques if you have accurately applied any of the steps required to make the cheese.  The recipe should still work out.

The hardest cheese that you make will be your first attempt at this cheese. Then on the second attempt it gets easier.  After three attempts at this cheese, you are now very aware of what is required to make cheese. Your subsequent attempts for this cheese and other cheeses become easier from this point.

The different styles of cheese made in this kit allow you to experience more about cheesemaking. You then get to use these cheese that you made with little or no maturation involved.  But you can choose to age of the cheeses to develop more flavour if you want.

There are several different styles of cheese that you can make from this kit:

  • A simple cheese that you can eat after a few days.
  • A simple cheese that you can make with a sharper flavour that is drier and crumbly for salads or change the style to make it creamier for mellow flavour.
  • A simple cheese that you can vacuum seal and eat in 4 to 6 weeks or a few months longer again.
  • A simple cheese that you can marinate and use after a few weeks.
  • A soft Persian feta to be eaten fresh.
  • A soft Persian feta that you can marinate.
  • A Quark/Labneh style that you drain and use a base for cheesecakes or dips or just eat as is with nice accompaniments

The kit contains the following items:

  • M235
  • TPC
  • Calcium Chloride Liquid – 50ml
  • Rennet Vegetarian 20mL
  • 2 x crottin hoiops
  • 2 x Basket
  • Curd Scoop – Black Plastic
  • Curd Scoop for making Persian Feta & Lactic curd
  • Curd Stirrer – Stainless Steel
  • Syringe 1mL (pack of 4)
  • Sanitiser – Iodine Food Grade 50ml
  • Mini Measuring Spoons – set of 5 spoons
  • Thermometer black digital
  • Ash 20g
  • Quark/Labneh/Cream Cheese draining bag + hanging hook
  • Draining tray

The image may or may not represent exact items contained in this cheesemaking kit due to periodic changes and upgrades to each kit but the list below is accurate.

Weight 2 kg

kit without vat, kit with 8L vat, kit with 8L+24L vat


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