Geotrichum Candidum 4 (Geo15 10D) – Small


Previously called Geotrichum Candidum 5 (Geo 15)

Technical name
Geo 15 Geotrichum Candidum (Yeast-like Form), freeze dried powdered format


Geo 15 is a typical strain of G. candidum that is perfect for lactic curd types of cheeses that mimic soft lactic styles of cheese from France. It can be used on both goat and cow milk, ashed or no ashed. Its produces ‘worm like’ (that is more prominent than Geo 13) characteristics on the surface of the finished cheese. Geo 13 can also be used to produce the same ‘worm like’ appearance on white mould and washed rind cheese.

It neutralises the surface of all the above cheeses allowing these other microbes to become established earlier, resulting in less bitterness and ammonia and reduces surface contamination such as black moulds

It is classed as ‘yeast-like’ form and more yeast like characteristics and has a low density felt.

Add ¼ of a ‘drop’ mini-spoon (the mini spoon is 1/16 teaspoon) to 4 litres of milk at the same time the lactic starter cultures are added. This G. candidum can also sprayed onto the surface of the cheese after salting or added to the brine. Note if adding to a spray bottle add 1% salt and allow 1 hour for rehydration.

Freeze-dried in a screw cap bottle

In freezer (-18°C)

Weight 0.015 kg
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