Draining and Ripening Rack – metal mesh


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This metal cheese rack is for standing cheese on when the curds have just been paced into the hoop for draining. The legs on the draining rack suspend the cheese while this happens. The solid perforated metal is ideal for supporting cheese such as Camembert, Brie and Blue Vein, Washed Rind that require turning after hooping. Note that this rack is not stainless steel, it is plated metal over a copper wire. It is recommended that you thoroughly wash and dry this rack after use. Always ensure that cheese cloth is placed between the cheese and the metal rack. Two racks are used for best results during the turning and draining processes; one rack as the base and one rack for the top. 250mm x 200mm.

One pair of racks will turn at one time:

  • 4 x 90mm hoops
  • 3 x 100mm hoops
  • 2 x 115mm hoops
  • 1 x 130mm hoop
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