Curd Knife – Stainless Steel (2 knife set)


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This is a 2 knife set (2 identical knives). It’s for the serious cheesemaker that makes lots of different styles of cheese. One knife can be set at your most commonly used cut size eg that may be 15mm and the other knife set at the your next most common curd cut size, eg that may be 10mm. You can select a curd cut size from 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or 25m cut size, basically to suit any recipe.

Cutting curd is one of the most important steps in making cheese. These stainless steel curd knives are a smaller but an exact duplicate of what a commercial cheesemaker uses and you use them in the same way they do. It will allow you to cut all of the curd into an even size. The speed is many times faster than using a kitchen knife or a spatula.  Both the speed and the accuracy of the cut will improve your cheese quality. The curd knives can be used in any cheese vat, big or small, square, rectangular or round.

Each stainless-steel curd knife is 110mm wide and 340mm tall. The stainless-steel divider is 170mm high. One half of the curd knife is for horizontal cuts and then you simply turn the knife upside down and use the other half for the vertical cuts.

The curd knives come with instructions on how to thread and tension the fishing line and how to use them to cut the cheese. Both processes are very simple to follow


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