Crottin Hoop – Pressed


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  • Contains: Crottin Hoop Small + 1x pressing disc (75mm diameter x 2mm thick). The bottle is not included.
  • Will require less than 1 litre of of milk (approximately) but this will vary depending on cheese styles and yields.
  • Place disc on lactic acid cheese in the crottin hoop when all of the curd is added
  • As a weight you will need a can from your pantry eg a can of peeled tomatoes weighs 450g and the can is 75mm wide (perfect weight and diameter) or use a tablet bottle and fill it with sinkers so that it is the same weight
  • Wait for 4 hours after adding the curd to the hoop then apply pressure to the curd by placing the can on top of the disc.  Leave the can in place for 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • Turning cheese a few times over that 24 to 48 hours is required.
  • Cheese can then be ashed or sprayed with Geotrichum and or white mould or even washed rind ripened.
  • Ripening cultures such as DH40 and CU77 may be required to neutralise acidity on the lactic acid cheese.
  • Made of medium strength food grade HDPE


Crottin Hoop Press Discs x 2

  • Contains: 2x pressing discs (75mm diameter x 2mm thick). Crottin hoop and bottle is not included).
  • Follow the same steps as the crottin hoop + small pressed disc

Hint: Pseudomonas is a bacterial contaminant that comes from the town water supply. It causes green, yellow, brown, pink spots on the surface of the cheese, it produces bitter putrid, rancid, pungent flavours on the cheese, it inhibits mould growth, as well as natural surface flora. It grows well at refrigeration temperatures. Florescent colours can be seen under UV light but they take several days to appear. Remedies by making sure that any washing of cheese is from boiled then cooled water, prevent handing cheese with hands still wet from the tap water. Geotrichum develops on the surface quickly and can limit the development of pseudomonas.

Weight 0.025 kg

crottin hoop with 1x press plate, 2x press plates without hoop


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