Cheese Vats & Lids Set – 24 Litre + 8 Litre + 6 Litre


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This cheesemaking vat set has all of the cheesemaking vat combinations in one set. It will allow you to make small batches of cheese in the 6 litre vat, larger batches in the 8 litre vat and very large batches in the 24 litre vat. This vat set also allows you to use the vat and jacketed system. A jacket holds warm water to keep the milk in the cheese vat warm. Place the warm cheesemaking milk in the 6 litre vat and use the 8 litre vat as your water jacket (the 6 litre vat fits easily inside the 8 litre vat). If later on you want to make a larger batch of cheese place the milk in the 8 litre vat and use the 24 litre vat as your water jacket. The jacket should have water at approximately 4C above the milk temperature to keep the milk temperature stable. Each of the 3 vats has its own lid.

The polycarbonate cheese vats make cheeesemaking easy. Making cheese in a pot on the stove is difficult, the cheesemaking functions such as temperature control, stirring, cutting, maintaining curd size, cooking, Cheddaring, milling and even whey removal is much easier and works better in a cheese vat. The polycarbonate cheese vats and lids are virtually unbreakable, easy to clean and provide great insulation against temperature fluctuations. The lid has a special slot to insert for the stirrer so you can leave it in the vat and a small hole in the lid allows you to place a thermometer so you can constantly see the milk or curds/whey temperature. The ‘handle’ allows you to use one hand to easily lift off and replace the lid, no two handed unclipping required. The see through walls are unique in that they allow you to see your milk or curds and whey.

When you are finished making cheese just store all 3 vats, stacked inside each other with all of the cheesemaking instruments, with lids on to keep the dust out until the next cheesemaking day.

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