Cheese Wrap – Micro perforated 210mm x 210mm


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Suitable for white or blue mould, ashed, goat or wash rind cheese

Give your cheese the best chance to mature by choosing this professional two-layered cheese wrap for your cheese.  The inner layer that contacts the cheese is paraffin coated parchment paper that protects the delicate surface to maintain correct moisture in the cheese and to allow the cheese to continue to ripen in the correct moisture conditions. The outer layer is micro-perforated polypropylene that allows the cheese to ‘breathe’ by providing fresh air for the mould or washed rind to stay alive allowing the unwanted gasses that are generated during the ripening to escape while preventing the cheese from drying out.

All cheeses should be dry before wrapping, so there is no moisture or condensation on the surface when they are wrapped.  Moisture will slowly kill off the moulds on the rind and then the cheese starts to breakdown (in a non-pleasant way) on the surface.

Place the matt (not the gloss) side against the cheese.

Larger wraps come folded for ease of postage and can be cut into smaller sheets if required.

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