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Calcium Chloride is added to milk to correct calcium deficiencies in the milk to improve the setting ability of the milk. Some milks regularly require calcium chloride to be added and some do not. If you are unsure which type of milk you are using, then add the calcium chloride as a precautionary measure. It will not detract from the cheese in any way.

Dosage should be a maximum of 3 mL per 10 litres but often 1ml to 2ml to 10 litres is used. As a rough guide use the same volume of calcium chloride as the same volume of rennet you are using. If the milk still has setting problems (soft sets or slow sets) then the dosage can be increased to the 3ml per 10 litres.

Important note: It is important to add the calcium chloride well before you add the rennet. Ideally it needs to be added to the milk while it is just being warmed, it’s the first ingredient that you add.

Comes in a resealable plastic bottle and can be stored in the fridge or the freezer. The Calcium Chloride will last indefinitely. Also used for the addition to salt water brines and to brines storing fresh mozzarella.

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