Ash for Cheesemaking – 20 gram


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Ash adds a great characteristic to any cheese that you make and is very easy to use across a variety of cheeses. It was traditionally used as a preservative for cheese (along with salt) long before refrigeration. In the 2st century however it is more for cosmetic and carry on with tradition. It can be used on the surface of the cheese or as a layer within a cheese, on fresh lactic, white mould and even hard pressed cheese (eg Morbier, Selles sur Cher, Valencay, and Saint Maure).

To add the ash, either add it directly onto the cheese or it can be mixed with fine salt and then added to the cheese. If mixing with ash with salt, mix 1-part ash with 10 parts fine premium grade salt. If using an ash/salt mixture regularly, then it may be easier to make up a separate stock solution and store it as a ready-made up ash/salt mixture.

If adding to the surface of white mould cheese, ash reduces the natural acidity of the cheese and allows the white mould to grow faster than it otherwise would.

This is a pharmaceutical grade ash. It has an infinite shelf life. Store in a cool dry environment. Comes in a resealable plastic bottle.

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