Aromatic Mesophile – Flora Danica (300L)




Mix of different strains of Mesophilic cultures. It is probably the most widely used culture available. It is a mesophilic ‘all-rounder’ or multi-purpose starter culture produces a fast level of acidification, so it can be used on numerous cheese types. It produces medium carbon dioxide gas production, medium to high levels diacetyl (buttery flavour) production. Its primary functions are three-fold, to produce lactic acid to acidify the milk, produce flavour a to produce eyes or small holes in the cheese. It also produces enzymes for flavour and texture development during maturation.


Rapid acidification occurs between 20°C – 38°C but will produce acid several °C outside of this temperature range


Lactococcus Lactis subs. lactis + Lactococcus lactis subs. cremoris + Lactococcus lactis subs. lactis biovar diacetylactis (all mesophiles) + Leuconostoc Mensenteroidis



Freeze-dried in screw top plastic bottle



Dosage will vary depending on the cheese type, recipe and rate of acidification required. As a general dosage add ¼ teaspoon or 1 x ‘tad’ of a minispoons to 8 – 10 litres milk.



In freezer (-18°C)

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