Contain the following strain: Staphylococcus Xylosus and is a member of the Micrococcacae family




SX enhances the flavour, aroma, and surface colour of the cheese. It enhances the texture within cheese by softening the cheese body and decreasing ripening time. This produces a softer paste in all cheese from white mould, blue vein, washed rind and up to hard pressed cheese. It produces a light brown colour on the surface of the cheese. It offers good resistance to salt, pH and grows slowly at low temperature. Its proteolytic and lipolytic activities contribute to develop flavour.

SX can be used alone or works better if used in conjunction with PR 35 and/or KL71 (for soft cheese) or PP 79 and/or KL71 for harder cheese.

The catalase positive Micrococcacae are facultative anaerobes and are unable to acidify or ferment the milk sugar. Its enzymatic activity allows flavor and texture development. This culture, by stimulation of other microorganisms is involved in the production of flavors and texture of cheese. It’s fast and selective implantation enables a competitive role with respect to undesirable flora.

Add ½ ‘drop’ mini-spoon (1/16 teaspoon) to 4 litres of milk at the same time the lactic starter cultures are added. This rate can be doubled or tripled for a stronger effect, but it is strongly advised to start with a smaller dosage initially to gauge your personal preference. Sprinkle directly onto the milk

Freeze-dried in foil sachet. 1 x sterile 20ml bottle may be required to transfer unused contents into when sachet is opened.

In freezer (-18°C)

Weight 0.02 kg
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