Cheesemaking Newsletter December 2020


APRIL 2020

Meet Home Cheesemaker Angela

Those that attend the cheesemaking courses in Sydney may know Angela as a regular helper at those courses.

Here is a little about Angela’s cheesemaking story and some of the cheeses that she has made.

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Intensive Cheesemaking courses 1 and 2 now scheduled for May and June 2021

Courses are now available at the following venues:

  • Brisbane
  • Sydney (new dates for Cheesemaking 1 and 2 coming shortly)
  • Melbourne
  • Canberra

Perth courses will resume in a few months when the venue renovations have been completed.

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New Products

Many new hoops have been added to the shop.
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Organic Vegetarian Rennet Tablets added also.

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Four English Acid Cheeses

Wensleydale is one of the four British acid cheeses, Caerphilly, Cheshire, and Acid/ Crumbly Lancashire being the others. These are white because of the high levels of acidity developed, not necessarily in the vat, quickly, due to high acidity at rennetting, traditionally. High levels of starter culture, typically 3 times normal.

Wensleydale is one of the first cheeses to be used as a base for a blended cheese, Wensleydale and cranberries are the most famous of these, it was made in the 1980s.  For this cheese, the ripening of a Wensleydale only takes a month or so, then the mature cheese is broken up, blended with various flavours and additives, and repressed.

The information provided via Chris from the UK (thanks Christine).

Happy Cheesemaking Everyone

Cheesemaking Newsletter December 2020



Intensive Cheesemaking Courses for 2021

Intensive cheesemaking courses for early 2021 have now been scheduled. Courses are being held in:
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Canberra

The venue I use in Western Australia is undergoing renovations and will not be available for several months.

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Purchase a Gift Voucher

There are two types of vouchers available: A cheesemaking course voucher or a dollar value voucher.

A cheesemaking course gift voucher is a unique gift that will provide the recipient with a most memorable experience of making their own cheese and taking those cheese home at the end of the course to enjoy.

A dollar value gift voucher can be used to purchase cheesemaking equipment or it can go towards an Intensive Cheesemaking Course.

Available for immediate download.

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Opening Hours Over Christmas and New Year

We will be shipping orders as per usual over the Christmas and New Year period.  Please keep in mind the closure of post offices on public holidays.

We will not be sending orders out on Thursdays and Fridays.  When placing an order, it may be helpful if you specify a specific date that you want your order to be posted.

for all your amazing support throughout the year. Have a safe, relaxing and fun time over Christmas. I hope that you eat and drink well, but not too much! See you in 2021.
Warmest regards,

Cheesemaking Newsletter October 2020



Meet the Cheesemakers: Kellie

Kellie has only been making cheese since April. It is an outstanding range of cheeses that she has made in such a short time. Her Trilogy recipe is attached if you want to make a cheese with a difference. Plus, she also makes lots of other goodies, not just cheese…

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What does it mean that I have post hooping acidification?

Having both the correct level of moisture and acidity in a cheese that is 24 hours old is very important in making good quality cheese.
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Intensive Cheesemaking Courses 2020

I am about to start scheduling Intensive Cheesemaking courses for Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra. Just a few days ago the Queensland Government announced that there will be no border restrictions if travelling between Brisbane and Sydney. I will be sending out a newsletter as soon as I have those dates.

France Cheesemaking Tour 2022

The France Cheesemaking tours that were due to be held in May 2020 were postponed to 2021. With the continuing uncertainty of international travel, the 2021 tours have now been postponed to 2022.  Organising for the 2022 tours will commence mid-2021.

Posting of Perishables

Postage delays due to Covid-19 are improving but there are still isolated delays in shipping products around Australia.  My preference is to send all perishable items on a Monday, if not on a Tuesday. Cheesemaking does not ship perishable items on a Thursday or Friday.  If there is a delay in the delivery, the package has a better chance to get to you before the weekend the earlier it is posted. To help keep your cultures chilled as long as possible, all frozen cultures are stored in a -22°C freezer, in a foil pouch with an ice gel pack for at least 24 hours prior to shipping. Refrigerated items such as rennet are then added to the package on the day of postage. If you are unsure when your order will be posted or if you have specific directions, please make a note with your order to make sure your preferences are noted.
Stay safe and happy cheesemaking everyone

Cheesemaking Newsletter September 2020



Intensive Cheesemaking Courses for 2020

The Intensive Cheesemaking courses 1 and 2 will resume as soon as the Covid-19 cases start to get to a more manageable level.  Everyone at each of the courses needs to feel safe while we are making cheese. The schools where I hold the courses are understandably very cautious about letting outsiders onto their premises and there are travel restrictions depending on the location you are coming from or returning to after the course.I am hoping to be able to host courses later in 2020 for some locations, but I cannot say that with any certainty.

A Brisbane course is about to be scheduled for late September or early October.

What does it mean that your cultures are Freeze Dried?

The cheese, yoghurt, flavour and ripening cultures are usually freeze dried.  These cultures look like milk powder at first glance. The starter culture companies select the cultures and grow them in a sterile skim milk liquid medium until the culture numbers reach very high levels. This culture filled liquid is cooled to stop further bacterial growth and then frozen. The frozen medium is then freeze dried, technically it is a process called ‘lyophilisation’, or ‘cryodesiccation’. It is a process where the frozen medium is placed under a strong vacuum which causes water to be evaporated at temperatures below freezing.

This process ensures there is no heat damage to the bacterial cells as would occur with traditional drying practices. Freeze drying preserves what is a perishable product and makes it more convenient and less sensitive to temperature fluctuations for storage and transport.

Cheesemaking Course Gift for Dad

Are you still looking for a gift for Father’s Day?

Do you see your dad learning to make cheese at a cheesemaking course? Or, is dad a cheesemaker who would love some extra equipment?

Vouchers are delivered electronically with your purchase.

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Cultures Reference Chart

What species of bacteria are in that culture you are using?

This is an updated Cultures Reference Chart which provides a comparison between many of the cultures that are available to cheesemakers. It aims to provide the cheesemaker with some standardisation of the ‘corporate’ names attached to packets of cultures and the specific names of the bacteria, yeasts and moulds that go together to make up those packets.

If you have a recipe that asks you to use a particular culture, there is several alternatives cultures that you can use. Hopefully, this chart will give you some clarification of what culture to select next time you make cheese. This chart is regularly updated as new names of cultures become available.

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New Products in the Shop

There are several new products and back in stock items. Visit the Cheesemaking Shop to view the range.
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Orders are still shipping

There may delays in shipping products around Australia due to Covid-19. This is due to a heavier than usual volume of parcels, reduced flights and the impact of social distancing at postage sorting venues.

When your order is posted you will receive an SMS (a mobile number is required) and an email with the tracking number. It is recommended that you track your parcel using the tracking number provided so that you can monitor its progress.

Stay safe and happy cheesemaking everyone

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