Intensive Cheesemaking Course 2

This is mostly a cheesemaking course but you will also make thick creamy yoghurts, drinking yoghurts and cultured unsalted butter. The products that you will make yourself and go home with are:

  • Blue Vein: there are many blue vein cheeses to choose from. Do you like a light flavoured, soft and creamy blue vein, almost like a Brie, or a medium blue vein with more strength in flavour and body or a blue vein that is strong, aged, and robust in flavour? When you come to the course we can only make one of these styles but you will be given the recipes and techniques to make each of them;
  • Parmesan: this is a hard style of cheese that involves rapid cooking of the curd to quite high temperatures. But still quite an easy cheese to make once you have been shown how;
  • Halloumi: a unique but very easy to make cheese that has become very popular in Australia;
  • Swiss/French style Washed Rind: Australians are starting to better appreciate washed rind cheese. These styles allow you to make those lovely delicious but ‘smelly’ cheeses with the red or orange washed rind surface such as Pont L’Eveque, Reblochon, Raclette styles, Stormy etc;
  • Creamy thick set yoghurt, Stirred Greek Yoghurt, and Drinking Yoghurt: there are many styles of yoghurt made in different ways. You will make these different yoghurt styles using probiotics cultures;
  • Whey Ricotta: the gourmet version of ricottas, soft, delicate, and creamy, this is extremely difficult to find in stores;
  • Cultured Unsalted Butter: how to culture cream and work your own butter. You decide to add salt or leave unsalted or salt just the surface, and you can choose between cultured and uncultured;
  • Cultured Buttermilk: this is the original and true buttermilk, and it’s not much like the one that comes from the supermarket carton. We have noticed it has extraordinary results in cakes and pancakes.
    If you have any questions, please send an email me or give me a call. I look forward to making cheese with you soon.

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