Intensive Cheesemaking Course 2

Intensive Cheesemaking 2 covers cheese as well as the popular non cheese products yoghurt and butter. This course came about from people attending Intensive Cheesemaking 1 wanting to go on to make even more styles of cheese. You do not need to attend Intensive Cheesemaking 1 to attend Intensive Cheesemaking 2

The cheeses and other dairy products that you will produce and go home with are:

  • Blue Vein: When you have made this Blue Vein you wil then be able to make any cheeses from the blue mould styles, there are lots of options from strong flavoured blues, to mild and the soft creamy styles;
  • Edam: this cheese allows you to go on and make cheeses with a washed curd such as Gouda and Havarti
  • Halloumi: a unique but very easy to make cheese that has become very popular
  • Swiss/French style washed rind: this style allows you to make those lovely tasty but ‘smelly’ cheeses with the red or orange washed rind surface such as Pont L’Eveque, Reblochon, Raclette styles, Stormy etc ;
  • Set Greek Yoghurt and Stirred Greek Yoghurt: this allows you to make a whole range of yoghurts from drinking styles through to traditional then thick and creamy, and yoghurts with probiotics and non-probiotic styles also used and discussed;
  • Whey Ricotta: gourmet ricotta, soft, delicate and creamy, also makes a lovely soft delicate baked ricotta;
  • Cultured Unsalted Butter: how to culture cream and work your own butter. You decide to add salt or leave unsalted or salt just the surface, and if you want just leave the culture out.
  • Cultured Buttermilk: you don’t get much to take home but this is the original and true buttermilk, not the one that comes from the supermarket carton.

If you have any questions, please send an email me or give me a call. I look forward to making cheese with you soon.

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