Intensive Cheesemaking Course 1 

This is the most popular course. It’s 100% about cheesemaking. The techniques that you will use can easily be applied to make many other styles of cheese. These techniques are also easily adapted to goat milk. The cheeses that you will produce and go home with are:

  • Farmhouse Cheddar: aged for 6 to 9 months, this cheese gets you making harder styles of cheese that require some pressing – similar to making lots of other aged and pressed cheeses;
  • Italian style fresh mozzarella: this is the traditional cultured style of mozzarella with a lovely delicate cultured flavour, not the direct acidification with citric acid. This style allows you to make cheese from the stretched curd family such as Burrata and Provolone;
  • Creamy Brie: this allows you to make any of the cheese from the white moulded family such as Camembert, Triple Cream, Truffle Brie, or Ashed Brie, all of these are discussed;
  • Quark: this is an easy cheese to make but there are also many alternatives that you can easily make such as goat curd, cream cheese, dips, cheese cakes, and marinated labnah;
  • Traditional Greek Feta: this is a strong flavoured, dry and crumbly cheese that is a great addition to many salads but is also the basis for making a soft and creamy feta cheese that can be eaten after one week;
  • Whey Milk or Whole Milk Ricotta: the simplest cheese that you will make but perfect when made correctly, and also allows you to make Paneer, Ricotta Salata, Baked Ricotta;
  • Persian Feta: this is a very soft and delicious cheese. You can make your own marinade from your favorite blend of oil and herbs;
  • Chabichou: this is a fresh lactic style of soft cheese that can be made from cow or goat milk and formed into a log, pyramid, or any shape you desire. It can be used for many different styles including ashing, adding herbs, making a French style lactic cheese with that typical wrinkled appearance.

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