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Founder and owner of Cheesemaking, Graham Redhead provides a passion for cheese that is truly contagious as participants who have attended one of his cheesemaking classes will testify.

With a life time of experience in the dairy industry from the dairy farm to the factory, working for both Government and private industry, Graham has a vast knowledge of the cheese and the dairy industry. He has formal qualifications in Food Technology and Business and is an active member of several industry associations. This expertise led Graham to develop Australia’s first Farmhouse Cheesemaking course in 1997 which is the predecessor of the current Intensive Cheesemaking courses.

Graham combines his technical expertise with his passion for cheese to provide all participants with very simple ways to make great tasting cheese in their own homes. His recipes work. When you leave one of his Intensive Cheesemaking Courses you will have an immense amount of knowledge and the confidence to be able to create literally hundreds of cheeses in your own home.

Graham continues to provide training and advice to commercial manufacturers and travels regularly to ensure that his skills remain relevant in the commercial industry.

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cheesemaking1 @sherdie great weekend making lots of cheeses, yoghurt, mascarpone, butter...
cheesemaking1 Sydney cheese makers the Images from last weekend posted here> http://t.co/lVmgAHhUzO & here> http://t.co/ry31CLXJkw http://t.co/yV8WsvkpIx

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